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The Drug Crisis: Faces Behind the Struggle

Jan 26, 2019

Tim Arnold of the Philadelphia based band Good Old War shares his story about his art and overcoming addiction to drugs and alcohol. We also hear one of Arnold's favorite new songs he's written about addiction.

Nov 21, 2018

In 2011, Cheryl Juaire lost her 23 year old son, Corey, to an accidental drug overdose. She thought she was alone in her grief until she met people from other families grieving over their lost loved ones too. Juaire decided to create an organization, Team Sharing, to help other families dealing with the loss of a...

Aug 11, 2018

Nearly two years after the US Surgeon General's Office issued its first-ever report on the state of drug abuse in the US, more than 150 people continue to die every day from addiction.  One out of three Americans has been touched by this crisis.  Ryan Hampton was part of the core team responsible for the...

Aug 3, 2018

Karen Bailey lost her 24 year old son, Corey, in 2011 to an opioid overdose. To add to Karen's terrible burden of loss she also lost her daughter, Alyssa, Corey's younger sister, a victim of suicide nearly four years later.  Alyssa had also battled addiction and shared drugs with her brother on the day he died. While...

Jul 23, 2018

Taylor, whose story was told in an earlier podcast, lost her best friend to a heroin overdose in 2011 and, in her grief, became addicted to drugs herself. She describes her year long struggle to take control of her addiction.